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TEAZE – TEAZE – 1975 (CAN) hard rock

Ontario-based Teaze were more popular in Japan during a short tour in 1978 than the band's entire career in their native country. Formed in 1975 by Chuck Price, Mike Kozak, Mark Bradac and Brian Danter, Teaze only released one popular single in Canada, "Sweet Misery" in 1978.

Chuck Price (guitar)
Mike Kozak (drums)
Mark Bradac (guitar)
Brian Danter (vocals, bass)1 Rockin' With the Music
2 Flames Keep Growing
3 Come On, Hold On
4 Believe in Rock 'N Roll
5 Boys Night Out
6 Hot to Trot
7 Dirty Sweet Loving
8 Open My Eyes

Tnanx to Chris

Rip from CD 320@ (artwork included)
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I bought it when I was young in vinyl. Big record. Perhaps the best they did. The cover is different.